Home made Mayonnaise


MayonnaiseAll mayonnaise bought from the shops is made with unhealthy vegetable oils, simply because it’s cheap. If the oil used is olive oil it is again nearly always not cold first press extra virgin olive oil and usually the mechanically recovered with solvents (someone actually thought this was a good idea). Sorry to say all […]


Coleslaw Mega Meal

Our version of coleslaw is really a meal in one and ideal for a takeaway lunch.     Ingredients: Homemade mayonnaise 1/4 Red Cabbage 1 Med size Carrot 3 Celery stalks 1 Onion 1 Apple & or Pear 5 Medjool Dates  Handful Nuts unsalted (roasted Almonds and cashew, brazil) Optional fine chopped chilli. Optional cheese […]



FalafelsFalafels are made with the Legume chick peas. In western diets many people eat them when they have not been properly prepared. Asian and middle eastern cultures Soak, Sprout or Ferment their legumes because this nutralises the lectin  and phytate content. Health foods promoted in the western cultures skip this step as it is costly […]


Paleo Fried Crispy Chicken – Kid friendly

PFC Paleo Fried Chicken Ingredients: Chicken drumsticks – skin on.     Ingredients for coating: Arrowroot powder Pepper Optional add paprika,chilli, cayenne pepper or anything else.   Method: Cut the meat off the bone a pair of scissors makes this the easiest. Cut as close to the bone as you can and ensure the skin […]


Authentic Italian Basil Pesto

50g basil leaves, 2 cloves of garlic, 15g pine nuts, 30g Pecorino cheese, 70g Parmesan cheese, 100ml Extra Virgin Olive oil, a pinch of coarse salt a pinch of course pepper Modify amounts depending on the quantity of fresh basil leaves you have. For large volume, use a food processor, otherwise just use a stick […]


Spice Mixes of Arabia

The most frustrating thing about cooking up a storm is following a recipe that has something that you don’t have. We love Nigella, however she is the worst offender. Here are some exotic sounding middle eastern spice recipes, that are easy to mix yourself. Maroccan Ras El HanoutTurmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, galangal, cardamon, caraway, salt, […]



Ghee – Clarified Butter GHEE Saturated Fat: Essential for metabolic absorption of Vitamin A,D,E &K Heat Stable high smoke point.   Ingredients: Unsalted butter.    Ghee is simply clarified butter. It is the best for cooking as it is one of the best saturated fats for frying and cooking in general as it doesn’t have […]