Cooking Healthier & losing Weight


Health, Weight & Fitness

Before food production became so corrupted, no one needed to know anything about healthy eating.

We all come to obstacles in life from a different directions,  we have found great health outcomes and weight management from a focus on food and its effects.
At holiday cooking  we run a nutrition for health class to supplement our whole-food and real-food cooking classes held at Birdsong Port Douglas.

We know that the health message is now so confusing it's almost impossible to work out what is right and what is not.

So if you are frustrated with where you are at, and are ready to really learn a just little bit of the technical nutrition science, you will be armed with the knowledge that will enable you to work out what works for you. After all everyone is different. Dieting without a diet.

Get smart on our three hour "Myth-busters of Nutrition" classes run from 11:00 till 14:00 and are priced at $180 which includes a satisfying healthy lunch.


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