Ghee – Clarified Butter

Saturated Fat: Essential for metabolic absorption of Vitamin A,D,E &K
Heat Stable high smoke point.
Unsalted butter. 
Ghee is simply clarified butter. It is the best for cooking as it is one of the best saturated fats for frying and cooking in general as it doesn't have a strong flavour like  lard or coconut oil. Ghee is used a lot for preparing curries too. 
For a 6 months supply melt and simmer 4 x 250 gm packs of butter over a low heat simmering for about 10 minutes will separate the milk solids. Once you are sure that the solids are clumping together remove from the heat and using a coffee or cooking oil filter strain through a sieve or colander into another pot, this clear liquid can then be put into a container and stored in or out of the fridge. At least in a fridge it will go solid. 
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