Open For Classes

Loads of fun upskilling while holidaying in Port Douglas



Mexican Cooking Class

Stick on Moustache and Sombrero are compulsory on this class. Learn the traditional chilli, Burritos, Quesedilla, Fajitas, Taco's and Lots of variations on Guacamole.

Mexican Cooking class port douglas

Thai Cooking Class

Wonderfully fragrant, tantalisingly tasty Thai Green, Red and Yellow Curry....or....Thai beef salad, Fish cakes, Satay skewers...etc

Thai cooking class port douglas green curry

Japanese Sushi Class

Our Chef on this class learned his art in Tokyo.
Learn how to make sushi rice, Nigiri, Sahimi and sushi rolls.



Paleo Cooking Class

Not just a fad, this is here to stay. Not just meat, Paleo is all about whole food minimally processed. Wonderfully healthy.


Chinese Cooking Class

Wok cooking and traditional pot sticker dumplings, fried rice and crispy duck. Yum!

chinese cooking class port douglas

Primal Cooking Class

We love Primal. This brings all the benefits of Paleo with the addition of whole organic dairy and properly prepared legumes. Again this is food that your great grandmother would recognise and agree with.


Moroccan Cooking Class

Lawrence of Arabia and the Moroccan Kasbah flavours. Authentic cooking with the Tajine.

Moroccan cooking class port douglas


Italian Cooking Class

Learn the Perfect Tuscan Pizza. Make the dough from scratch and the passata sauce. Then cook in our very own home built wood fired oven. Nothing will taste better than this.


Low Carb & Weight Loss

Easier than you think. break from the convention, fulfilling and nutritious meals. No gym, hot rocks or yoga required.


Jamaican Cooking Class

Bob Marley will have got his inspiration on the traditional flavours of the Caribbean.




Cup Cake Baking Class

Cupcake and Cake baking class by expert baker, Roberta, from the CupCake Cafe.